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Need an MRI or CT?

Don't want to wait?

Done!  Call  888.602.8378

We fully understand that having to wait several months for an MRI or CT scan can be detrimental to your health and well-being. We are also aware that the COVID pandemic has drastically increased wait times for diagnostic imaging exams within Manitoba and other provinces.  


Mobile Life Imaging, based out of Fargo, North Dakota, is offering Canadians unprecedented access to MRI and CT scans at affordable rates.  Wait times to have these procedures done are generally two weeks or less. Same day appointments are available on occasion dependent on scheduling.


Our imaging center is fully accredited utilizing licensed and registered technologists to perform your scan.  All imaging is interpreted by a licensed and board certified radiologist. You can rest assured that your scan will be performed and interpreted by highly qualified individuals paying the utmost attention to quality and accuracy.  Reports are available within 24-72 hours and can be emailed to you.  You will also receive a digital copy of your scan to take home for your health care provider back home.

A doctors's referral is not required for your scan.


Call us at (888)602-8378 for more information or to schedule an appointment.  

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