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Why Wait Months For An Echocardiogram?

The current wait list for an elective echocardiogram in Winnipeg,MB is approximately 70 weeks with approximately 7000 people on the wait list. In 2015, the wait list was approximately 4000 and patients were waiting about 38 weeks.

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound test of the heart to detect disease and defects. It takes approximately 30 minutes and requires a technologist placing a probe on the patient's chest to take images of the heart. The images are then sent to a cardiologist for interpretation.

"It's pretty disheartening" said Dr. Chris Simpson, an Ontario cardiologist and vice-dean of the Queen's University School of Medicine. "I don't know of anywhere else that has this sustained problem with this degree of magnitude in echocardiography access."

Why wait? " We can perform your echocardiogram with no wait time for a very reasonable cost" says Randy Spielvogel, owner/ultrasound technologist of Mobile Life Imaging LLC, a Fargo,ND based ultrasound screening service catering exclusively to Canadian patients. "We offer our ultrasound services in Pembina,ND and Minot,ND on a monthly basis. The cost for an echocardiogram is just $399 CDN (compared to $1000 USD+ at most US based hospitals or clinics)."

"Waiting extended periods of time for imaging tests can be detrimental to your health. If you have a medical issue, you want to know about it right away so you can seek appropriate medical treatment" Spielvogel says.

Mobile Life Imaging has been offering ultrasound testing as well as CT, MRI, Xray, and Mammography services for Canadian patients since 2006. Call 1.888.602.8378 for more information about our services.

Source: news published May 28, 2019

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